"Graffiti Observer" was established October, 1999 as a monthly E-zine devoted to news and events related to street art, but mainly as a vehicle for sharing street art photography by Bob Edelson as he tours various cities in the U.S. and Europe. Recently, we discontinued G.O. as a monthly. However, below is an index to the best of these timeless monthlies you may browse and enjoy.

October 1999 issue - Miami Art Massacre
November 1999 issue - Paris Graffiti
December 1999 issue - Top 20 Tag Vote
January 2000 issue - Alice in Wonderland
February 2000 issue - The Murals of Lake Placid
September 2000 issue - Vote America Graffiti Style
Nov. 2000 issue - Street Art Tripping: Northern Europe
Feb. 2001 issue -Sidewalk Chalk Art
March 2001 issue - Graffiti of the sky
May 2001 issue - Top 20 tags and toons