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Here we feature graphics from our classic art book, "AMERICAN STREET ART". Street murals and graffiti pieces photographed in numerous North American urban centers including, Montreal, New York City, New Orleans, and Miami.

Welcome to the largest virtual art gallery devoted to "street art" - graphics painted on outdoor walls of buildings, mostly in urban areas such as New York City, Miami, Paris, Amsterdam, and the like. Though "street art" is usually identified with "graffiti" and/or "tags", as you can see by the photo to the left, it is a great deal more.
The photo to the right is fairly typical of what is often called "graffiti" or "tags", usually names of a street gang or artist in incredibly intricate design and color. We believe these works should be taken more seriously as art than is often the case, and devote a special gallery section to them.

The artists that produce street art are, indeed, "artists." Some have become quite famous, e.g. Keith Haring, and Basquiat.

When you come upon street art, on the street, it can be an overwhelming experience. Since you're never sure when or where you'll make such a discovery, it comes as a visual surprise, a dazzling visual surprise; dazzling, because of the combination of dynamic, well executed graphic, the texture of the wall it is painted on, and the entire street setting, all of it coming at you at once.

Unfortunately, street art is usually short lived, gone within days or certainly weeks after it is completed. The only permanent record of these works are photographs. And the best photographs of these works are those taken by internationaly renowned photographer, Bob Edelson. He has been able to capture street art on film to provide much the same excitement as actually seeing these works as they existed. A particularly memorable example follows below. In the 1999 NYC skyline mural, Bob captures the dramatic visual impact of the mural-in-its-surroundings.

All street art shown on this site was photographed by Bob Edelson . His photography has been exhibited in many museums and art galleries, and has been featured in many publications, including three books devoted to his work. His most recent book, "AMERICAN STREET ART", is currently available in museum book stores, and on the Internet, e.g.,

The large collection of photographs on this site have been organized into several groupings. Those for sale as signed, limited edition blow-ups are divided into "Tag & Toons" and "Murals/Pieces". Also included on this site is the "Graffiti Observer" archive, which includes the best issues of our "E-Zine" devoted to news and events, including many wonderful images related to street art. Another section is the "Soho Photo Gallery" showing works from Bob Edelson's book "SOHO, NYC".

Those wishing to make a purchase can key in to our section that explains how this may be done.

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