"Art book of the year!"
-N.Y. Press
"Incredible diversity in style and imagination... beautifully photographed"

-Boca(FLA) News

A Big Book (9" X 12", 112 Pages) in Full Color...

contains the best, most diversified collection of street art produced in America (New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, Montreal, etc.) during the last 10 years of the 20th Century. "Murals", "Pieces", "Memorials", a "tag" or two, some pieces as high as a five story building. Each image printed LARGE, some large enough to be cut out for framing, (e.g. 8" X 10").

Available in museum and art book shops throughout the U.S. and Europe. Also available now on the Internet. To purchase on line, U.S. residents click HERE to order from Amazon.com, and European residents can click HERE to order from Amazon.com European Internet Booksellers.

Some examples of the striking art in the book:
(Click on the smaller images to see an enlarged display)

"Fire Escape Divers"
Montreal 1996

"Tropics in East Harlem"
NYC 1998

"Oriental Piper"
NYC 1997

NYC 1998

"Horn Player"
New Orleans 1996

"NYC Skyline"
NYC 1998

"Day At The Colonial"
NYC 1998

"Painted Shadow"
Miami Beach 1991

"Running Abstract"
Soho, NYC 1990

"Mystical Shutters"
NYC 1998

"Street Exhibit"
NYC 1992

"Latin Jam"
Miami 1998

"Girl With Apple"
Miami Beach 1990

NYC 1998

"Big Smiley Face"
NYC 1998

"Surreal Porch"
New Orleans 1996

"MSG Multi Tag Wall"
NYC 1998

All pictures were photographed by internationally renowned photographer Bob Edelson. Other books of photo collections by Bob Edelson are, "Below 14th Street", black and white photography of the streets and cafes of the Bohemian art districts of New York City...and "SOHO, NYC", a color photo album of the Soho art district of New York City in its early years.

Mr. Edelson's first two books are out of print, but you can see the images and learn how to get a collector's copy of "Soho, NYC" by visiting SOHO PHOTO GALLERY.

To order "New American Street Art" on line NOW:
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To E-mail Bob Edelson at SOHOBOOKS.NET, click HERE.

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