Featuring Images From Our First Published Book...

The image above is the cover of the very first book of Soho street photography ever published. It is also the very first book that our company published. It depicts the streets, architecture, and storefronts of Soho, NYC, most in full color, as they looked during the district's transition from funky to chic, the 1970's through the 1980's. All of the pictures were taken by the internationally renowned photo artist Bob Edelson.

A best seller in New York City for a year after its publication, 1993 - 1994, the entire edition of 3,000 copies was sold out by the end of 1994. It was never reprinted because the district changed, and many of the streets and storefronts were no longer as they were depicted, e.g. "Manhattan Bistro" on Spring Street changed its store front, and the long established Soho neighborhood bookstore "Spring Street Books" went out of business.

Now, many of the pictures and the book are considered "classics", and we have received many requests for them. So, we have decided to make some of the pictures available on a very limited basis via our web site.

All of the images are limited edition, signed by the artist, high quality C-prints, 14" x 20", edition 200, and priced at $400.00. All shipping and handling charges are included.

As a bonus, you'll receive a signed copy of our collector book "SOHO,NYC" free with your purchase of any of these Soho photos.


Dean & Deluca, Broadway

Vesuvio Bakery, Prince Street

Fanelli Cafe, Prince Street

Borgia II Cafe, Prince St.

Spring Street Books, Spring St.

Lucky Strike Cafe, Grand St.

This image "Bijou", was painted by the artist Germaine on a blank billboard in Soho. It is also available as a 20" X 30" blowup for $600.00

See our "how to purchase" section for further information.

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