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And now to the results of our December '99 tag vote
Last month we took a vote of our Graffiti Observer audience to determine your favorite graffiti tag among twenty of our favorites; The winner was to be made into a poster and offered free. As it turned out, two graffiti tags won, quite different in look, so we made both into posters. The two winning tags are shown below.

Tag #20

Tag #9
Click on a winner for a blowup
You can see all 20 tags if you visit our Dec'99 issue.

Statistical Results: 1,423 of more than 8,000 viewers voted. #9 and #20 got by far more first place votes than any of the other tags. #20 got somewhat more 1st place votes, (25% vs 19%), but #9 got many more 2nd and 3rd place votes, (45% vs 28%). VOILA!

If you wish to receive either of these 2 posters, beautifully printed in full color, on quality paper, 18" X 24", simply: Send us your name, and address.
Watch for our February graffiti post card special

Before we go on to our "Alice in Wonderland" story, a few comments from our voters:

"definitely a fine edge on some of these works... documentation for graffiti is important because it is a contemporary product of our culture..."

"number 9 is very captivating... very chaotic... has an industry look... the lack of colors makes it look abstract."

"I had a job once building fences around subway yards in NYC to keep artists away. It's cool to see that job was in vain."

"Wild, weird, interesting pieces of art. It's a shame so many of these talented people go unrecognized."

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