November, 2000



Photography and text by Bob Edelson

"Photographing street art in the U.S. and Europe the past 10 years, it seems there is more everywhere than ever before, in spite of many organized attempts to stop it. Fortunately, it is being encouraged and sponsored in some places, eg. Philadelphia. Most of it is 'tags' in similar graphic styles across different countries. Much of it is found along railroad tracks and on occasion on railroad cars. On our trip we found and photographed many interesting 'tags' on railroad cars coming into Hamburg's main station. An abundance of excellent street art exists in the 'free zone' Christiania, just outside of downtown Copenhagen. Photographs representing these places and others we came across in our travels in Northern Europe are shown above and below. Enjoy."

From Amsterdam:

"Following are a couple of my all time favorites"

"Painting on garage door"

"A beautiful abstract with hidden figures"

The picture from amsterdam shown in our headline is another interesting example of street art from this country, especially because of all the bikes in the foreground. I never saw so many bikes as in Amsterdam. To get a better prespective of the picture, click on it for an enlarged view, (the other pictures in the headline can also be enlarged).

And one final example from Amsterdam......

From Copenhagen:

The following photos will give some idea of the Christiana "freezone" in Copenhagen, an area once deserted, now inhabited by artists, and the formerly homeless.

From Hamburg:

Most of Hamburg is quite modern and clean. Most of the street art I was able to find was in the Reeperbahn, the red light/night club district of the city. Following are some interesting shots of street art from this district...

Lastly, an example of one of the many graffiti covered trains that come in and out of the main station in Hamburg...