September, 2000


September is upon us. Serious electioneering is in full swing and it is back-to-school time. How appropriate we were able to capture this fabulous mural created in Miami Beach by students of Miami Beach High School. See detail below

Before closing this September issue of Graffiti Observer, here are a couple of images taken from a graffiti mural made to look like the "tags" are under water. Very different.

And finally, here's a great work of Montreal street art sent in by C.B. Chandler. Many thanks CB.

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"New American Street Art".

Hi Foxy,

Its bob and maureen from amsterdam, to tell you we are having a great time, and got great graffiti shots.

Would you please, ad a big note...
"coming, october 15, great new street art from northern europe, Copenhagen, amsterdam, hamburg, etc."

See you soon. hope things are well with you. we'll be back october 4.